Technology: Introduction to Computers/Parts of a Computer

11 Aug

I came across some really nice resources for teaching parts of a computer or for beginning technology classes:

For Younger Students:

A nice little pictured lesson the parts of a computer (kind of old school though)

A picture of an actual computer system is shown, student shows where the parts that are listed are; also includes worksheet and a jigsaw puzzle

A matching/diagram worksheet for the parts of a computer

Simple lesson plan with computer diagram and cut outs

  • Drag and Drop Activity (now this didn’t work on my computer, but including it just in case its just on my side). You could still use it in other ways, though.

Inbetweens and older:

Neat set of lessons and hands on activities

Lessons and worksheets

For Older Students:

I came across this from a link from

It’s a linked article with diagrams of the different parts of a computer.

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2 responses to “Technology: Introduction to Computers/Parts of a Computer

  1. Martin Hansell

    February 1, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    …nice – thanks.


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