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Hijri Calendars, the Four Caliphs, The Wives of the Prophet

I’ve got a mixture of new printables that I haven’t added to the main sites yet, but thought I would get them uploaded to my online storage (paranoid of another computer crash and these have been sitting around for some weeks)

Hijri Calendars

This set of calendars makes it possible for you to print out any Islamic month calendar, regardless of what day any month starts on. Each of the 12 months has 7 calendars (each one starting on a different day of the week)

The Four Caliphs – little form for recording information as student learns about th em.

Wives of the Prophet Recording Sheet – little form for recording information as students learn about them.


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Daily Calendar Review

For my middle children who have had exposure to calendar concepts, I put together a little weekly schedule for reviewing calendar concepts. It alternates between the Hijri and Gregorian calendars. It provides a quick little way to regularly review both calendars. (updated link 11/25/2012)


Islamic Months Graphics

UPDATE: There was a typo for the months of Jumaadaa I and II, I inadvertently used a khaa instead of jeem.

The Hijri months graphics posted yesterday came be downloaded in PDF form here (with corrections made).

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Islamic Months Graphics for Hijri Wall Calendars


I finally got around to knocking these out, alhamdulillah; I have wanted to do them for some time. I pulled out my laminated homemade hijri calendar that I poster size printed a while back,(2×2):


Download Hijri/Gregorian blank wall calendar template



got my board markers (finally) to write the numbers on and  hoping to get that puppy up today, insha Allah.


These are just little thumbnail shots, if you want to download the original full sized graphics, please visit my Islamic Months Photobucket album

muharramsafarrabee al awwalrabee ath thaanijumaadaa al awwaljumaadaa ath thaanirajabshabaanramadanshawwaaldhul qa-dahdhul hijjah


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Daily Hijri Calendar Skill Building


For the present, we’ve resumed our daily Hijri calendar skill building activities.  For the past couple of weeks, I have been hand writing out the work for them to do and thought I would get together a template that they could copy from (I would print out daily but too costly).

Here’s our current skill building routine:


This week I am hoping to start more oral recitation at the beginning of their sessions by having them recite the days of the week, days of the month, and seasons in order with me. Currently one of the eight year olds and the ten year old are doing this consistently.


I made up a reference chart that they can refer to during their activity.




The chart is also included in the skill building activity.


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