Reading Ideas for Do it Yourself reading programs

16 May

Before New Reading:

Use flashcard review deck to review letters and sounds

Reread a previous (or several previous) selections. Some days, do repeated reading and time child to see how much is read in one minute, then read again and time the reading and try to beat the previous time

If there are new sounds, introduce them, give a list of words that contain the sound, have child read the words.

A Reading Technique:(To/With/By)

During Reading:

Read the selection in the following matter: Read the story to child, then read the story with child, then child reads story by himself.

If doing above primer work, ask questions during reading for a little longer selections

After Reading Ideas:

1. Comprehension

Answer general questions about the selection

Give a summary of the selection

What do you think happened just before? after?

What do you think happened from different characters’ perspectives?

2. Draw a picture about the story or something in the story, if feasible (non-images)

3. Fill in the blank with words from the story

4. Find a sentence with (a certain # of words in it, a certain word, certain punctuation)

5. Find the word….

6. Why is the first word captilized? Why is this word capitalized?

7. Why is there a ? ! . at the end?

8. Find the nouns/verbs, etc.

9. Copy the new words, sentences, or sounds you are learning

10. Read the word/sentence and then draw it.

11. Match the picture to the word

12. Dictation on the words and sentences

13. Alphabetize the new words

14. Unscramble the new words or unscramble sentences

15. Correct the sentences

16. Color or circle all words with a particular sound

17. Name the 5 vowels. Point out the vowels in certain words

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