Start your school day with Islam

08 Apr

Start your school day islamically

 with an

Islamic Morning Meeting!



Many traditional schools use morning meetings to start their days.

 Morning meetings are great for opening up your school day

and reviewing previous concepts.



Ideas  for an

Islamic Morning Meeting:



Start at about the same time (roughly) each day, if possible.

Morning meetings should not be too long.

 Try out a few sessions and notice when your student starts to get weary.


2.GREET:Begin by greeting student with the Islamic greeting and have student respond back appropriately, helping with pronunciation as needed. Discuss often the importance of the greeting and its rewards.

(For a brush up, see TJ’s Greeting In Islam Unit)

3. CONVERSATION:Ask student how they are doing in Arabic and teach them how to respond in different ways (i.e. tayyib, alhamdulillah; bi kheyr, alhamdulillah, jayyid alhamdulillah, etc).
4. DAY OF THE WEEKTell student the name of the day of the week in Arabic.  Discuss what the names of yesterday and tomorrow are.
5. REVIEW(You may want to make flashcards for vocabulary and concepts that you go over in your regular studies and add to them as you go along to make this review time run more smoothly/quickly).

  • Vocabulary (Arabic/English)
  • Concepts (Who created you, where is Allah, how many times do we pray)
  • Quraan (review some or all of known surahs)
6. CLOSEMove on to your first class, Islamic Studies, math, etc. Or  assign Islamic themed handwriting practice for independent work (words, sentences, ayaah, etc) while you work with another child.

For older children, you might add in or substitute some items with an Islamic Daily Journal activity, giving student Islamic journal prompts such as TJ’s Islam4Everyday! or have them copy ayaah or ahadith to practice handwriting.


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