Gladiators-Letter to Editor

10 Apr

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A few of our related  writing assignments for our Ancient Rome Studies:

Writing Mode: Persuasive


Roman Times

Volume: VI

Letter to the Editor

Citizens against Gladiator
Fighting (CAGF) says
“No more Gladiator fights”

Dear Editor,

Gladiator fights should not be allowed. It is too
inhumane. These fights kill numerous amounts of

Gladiator fights also threaten animal lives too.
During these fights Gladiators kill elephants,
hippos, crocodiles, tigers, lions, and leopards and
sometimes they will fight people and get killed.
These animals have their lives threatened for our
entertainment. They belong in the jungle or the
forest. And if you do still choose to keep the
Gladiator fights use the animals that are killed for
jewelry and clothing instead of just killing them.
Why must these animals and humans have their
lives threatened for the sake of entertainment?

Octavia Romulus
CAGF (Citizens Against Gladiator Fighting)

Written by Talibiddeen Jr Student: Sharifah, age 11, 4/5/07


Writing Mode: Explanatory


What is a gladiator? A gladiator is a professional fighter who performed in the amphitheaters of ancient Rome.

Mostly males, gladiators were slaves, condemned criminals, prisoners of war, and sometimes Christians, who were forced to fight. Sometimes women fought too. The emperor in AD 90 presented combats between women and between dwarfs.

 The gladiators were trained in schools called Ludi, which also prevented them from committing suicide.

Fighting men and other wild beasts was an entertainment for the ancient Romans, performed by the gladiators. In the Coliseum, and in other

amphitheaters around the world, such as in Tunisia, gladiators fought men and wild beasts such as hippos, elephants, tigers, lions, leopards, and crocodiles.

One gladiator, Spartacus, avenged his captivity by escaping and leading an insurrection that threatened southern Italy from 73 to 71 BC..

The largest contest of gladiators was given by the emperor Trajan as part of a victory celebration in AD 107.

A gladiator could win his freedom by winning many fights. 

Gladiator fights took place between 264 BC and AD 443 in Rome,  although animal contests continued until AD 500.

Written by Talibiddeen Jr Student: Sharifah, age 11, 1/25/07

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