Daily Preschool/Kindergarten Learning/Review Session(s)

12 Apr

Daily Preschool/Kindergarten Learning/Review Session(s)

The following is an example of a routine I have “developed” for my preschoolers/kindergartners (ages 4/5 roughly).

It can be done at one time, or broken up into parts to do throughout the day. The main purpose is to review concepts as well as introduce new ones, a little at a time.

My goal is to at least try to do this daily, even if just a little bit of it. Then for the rest of the day, they play, practice handwriting and reading, and sometimes do a little more structured math. My goal for writing it up was so that I could use it to refer to during our sessions, insha Allah. I thought it might be helpful for others as well, Allahu ilm.

In addition, I have placed links to TJ material that can be used in the activities.

Its sort of a mix between a morning meeting and actual class time.

1. Give Salaams (help with pronunciation as needed)
        For reference/review: I will shortly move the file, insha             Allah so if the link is broken, it can be found, insha Allah at TJ’s main site under the Islamic Studies Adab page.

2. Ask how students are doing in Arabic

        Q: Kayfa anti? (to a girl, anta to a boy).
        A: (can vary) Tayyib), alhamdulillah; Bi Kheyr, alhamdulillah, Jayyid, alhamdulillah.

3. Review/learn Arabic and/or English Vocabulary
        Colors- Ask in Arabic, what color is this (ma lown hadtha). Student responds (hadtha……(color name)

            See TJ’s color word tags for Arabic, English and English transliteration

        Numbers (1-10 or to student’s ability). Count to ten with them or let them count on their own. Have them count objects in             English/Arabic.

            to 100:
  (English only)

        Things around the house/outside



        Looking at chart above (or your own)

        Say the letters of the alphabet with student pointing at the letters as you go along.

        Ask how many  letters there are in the alphabet (give the answer after the question until student has learned to say it on             his own).

        Ask student how many vowels there are and to name them.
        Ask student which letter is first, second, last, etc.

        Ask student to find a specific letter on the chart.  Ask what letter comes before/after it.

        Show several student written words (on paper, food labels, etc) and tell them to tell you the letters in the word.Tell student what the word is before you ask them to spell it.


    Go over calendar concepts (what day is it, what day was it yesterday/tomorrow; days of the week; seasons, etc).
    I have lots of learning posters for these at:

    In addition, on the math page above, there is a date/time script with detailed prompts/cues to help teacher ask questions.

    I keep all these materials in a plastic page protector book so that we can use them during this time as it is portable.

Islamic Studies
    Review previous material. I just usually ask a question and they answer. (Who created you? Where is Allah?) and add on  questions as we progress.

    Review Surahs. Work on new ayaah.

    For younger children, you might try using the TJ Hifz Helper Counter. Students can color in a circle along a path for            each repetition completed. For my kindergartners, I usually only do 10 repetitions, though there are 50 spaces on the Hifz Helper Counter.

    These are available (food or vehicle theme) from

    I also have several charts to track Quraan progress:

Other Subjects.
Quick review on other subjects (history/geography, name the continents, etc).

That more or less is the basis of what I do with my preschoolers/kindergartners. and I try to do something a little similar with the next age group and even the oldest ones as appropriate (no counting to ten, lol). We don’t always do it daily, but that is what I try to shoot for. This is meant to be mostly review, but for the younger ones, it is basically their guided school time, though. And again, it doesn’t have to be done at one time, but for the little ones, that is what I aim for, but it depends on their attention span. Even if we just do these items, mashaAllah I feel like the day has been somewhat productive.

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