Independent Math Activity Ideas for 3rd grade and up

12 Apr

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Independent Math Activities for Third Grade and Up

These ideas are great time fillers while Umm (mom) is working with someone else or just to review concepts

Goal: To practice and review math skills that you have learned.

You will be asked to either pick several activities at random to complete or simply go down the list and do as many as you have time to do.

To complete the activities you may need: a

a pencil


Put a heading on your paper:

Date Math

Independent Practice

Numbers assigned (odds, evens, #1-5, etc)

(You can just have student pick activities and do, omitting the formality of the heading, if desired)

1.     Find 10 words. Pick a letter in each word and tell its position{2nd, second, etc).

2.     Write the number words for the numbers 1-10; 11-20, 10-100 counting by 1 Os)

3.     Write the ordinals (first, second) from 1-25.

4.     Pick 5 numbers, tell their ordinals (first, fifth)            .

5.     Pick 1 0 numbers. Tell what number comes before and after each number.

6.       Pick 10 sets of two numbers. Tell which is greater using ><.

7.     Using number cards (2 of each number 0-9) pick two cards and make the greatest number. Play with a friend and the one who can make the greatest number wins. see p.7 SF grade 3

8.     Find 10 numbers. Put them in order from the least to the greatest and greatest to least.

9.     Pick 10 sets of 2 one digit numbers. Add them.

10.  Write what these symbols mean: <, +, -, =, >, x

11.  Using dominoes, write 2 set of subtraction facts and 2 addition facts

12.  Scoop up a handful of pattern blocks. Make a graph to show how many of each block you scooped up. Put a title and label your graph.

13.  Write word problems whose answers are 1-31 (ex. Number of fingers on one hand: 5)

14.  Pick five 3 digit numbers. Make as many numbers as you can with the digits in each number. (317, 713, 137)  For each one, arrange the numbers in order from least to greatest and greatest to least.

15.  Pick 5 numbers from 0-100. Write the number out in words.

16.  Pick 10 numbers. Round them to the nearest 10.

17.  Play the rounding game, p. 41 SF

18.  Count by 2s 10x. Count by 3s 10. Count by 4s 10x. Count by 5s 10x.,etc.

19.  Pick a number. Count by 2s, 3s, 4s, ,etc. from that number. Use 10 numbers in each series (2,4, 6, 8,10,12,14,16,18,20)

20.  Make up own numbers then write the number in Roman Numerals.

21.  Make up own addition, sub, mult word problems. Use a theme. Solve them.

22.  Write 5 numbers with 4-6 digits. Tell which place each digit is in.

23.  Write 5 numbers with 4-6 digits. Write the numbers and then write the numbers in words.

24.  Play tic tac toe with math facts.

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