Accepting Only the Best

15 Apr

Sometime ago, in one of my egroups, a fellow member had mentioned that her kids kept doing the work over again until it was "perfect."

This is an excerpt  of the post I posted in the group. I thought it might be helpful for others who might be struggling with the same issue…

That was, in theory, my philosophy (having my kids do their work over until it was "perfect,") but after reading that post, I thought about it and realized that there were a lot of assignments that I just let slip by, uncorrected. I made corrections or circled and made notes where corrections were needed and then didn’t see that they were carried out.

I thought, gee, what is the purpose of having them do the assignments and give me incomplete work or "garbage-y" work and do nothing about it. In history, my son was turning in sentences that were not complete and sloppy. He has learned about complete sentences, etc in grammar, for the past 7 years (he’s 13), but I was not totally requiring them to use these skills in other areas which is really the point. Grammar is not an end, but a means, so to speak.

Anyhow, after reading the post and thinking, I went back and had my son re-do unacceptable work. (It was only four simple question and answer assignments) And this time I was vehement. I made sure his sentences made sense, his handwriting was neat, etc. He moaned and groaned and whined when I returned stuff after two, three, four times, (or more), but when he looked back over the work, he said, gee this looks much better.

He is still in the process of rewriting them, but I made up my mind, that I am going to try not to accept less than acceptable work otherwise, what’s the point of having them do it, its just busywork. I guess I was accepting some stuff because it takes my 13 year old son ages (days, weeks) to do one assignment that his 10 year old sister finishes in 1 hour. I usually end up letting him off, but this is not really doing him any good. I am not teaching him how to meet deadlines or complete things. I finally toughened up (hopefully not temporarily) and told him that he could not  play computer games until he got caught up. Well, computer day came and this time instead of giving in (like I always do) and letting him play games like his siblings, I banned him from the room. He pouted a bit and grabbed his books and sat outside the room door and promptly finished his work. Imagine that…lol.

Well, anyway, I pray that I can keep up with this because I realized that I am really shortchanging them by not remaining vigilant and accepting unacceptable work.

Well that was some time ago and I kind of fluctuate back and forth, it is a constant struggle.  So I still try to keep up the best that I can (though some  things still slip past) and have them complete their work to the best of their ability. I ask Allah to aid me (and others who struggle with this) in my efforts, Ameen.

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