Continents and Oceans

16 Apr

Study of Continents and Oceans

This is a simple outline that I have put together for our studies of the continents.(2nd grade/3rd grade)

1. Learn names/locations of the seven continents and four oceans using globe/maps, quizzes (there is an excellent quiz at National Geographic where kids can earn a certificate–I don’t have the link handy, but it is on TJ’s History/Geo page under geography resources and there are many links for outline maps on this page as well.  You might provide handwriting practice sheets and other aids so that students can learn to identify the name of the continents and oceans by sight.

2. Study 1 continent at a time (briefly)
    A. Learn the continent’s relative size (is it the biggest, 2nd largest, etc)
    B. Learn the name of 1-3 countries on each continent
    C. Learn about 1-3 famous landmarks (manmade or natural) on each continent.
    D. Learn about 3 animals found there.

Make a continent notebook. Include outline maps of each continent, an outline map of all continents, a 1 page fact sheet for each continent and other things you (and your child) come up with to include in your notebook/scrap book.  On his own, my 9 year old wanted to make a book of animals found on each continent.

Make sure students know what continent they live on.

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