Grammar in First Grade?

16 Apr

    Some curricula include the formal teaching of grammar as early as grade 1. Other curricula or schools of thought advocate holding off  teaching grammar formally until the age of ten or so.  I am somewhere in the middle of the road on this issue.  For me, I do not believe in holding off until age 10 as my older children started earlier than this and have done just fine, insha Allah.  I do tend to start later than grade 1 however, mostly because my children are not really ready to read and do grammar texts/exercises at that age.  If I introduce grammar early on, I try to use sentences that I make up that I know they can read.  The cat sat.  (What is the noun?   Cat.). Otherwise I might  orally introduce a concept such as a noun, given them a simple definition (a noun is a person, place, or thing) and have them pick out nouns in their environment, then I try to quiz them regularly on the definition, but that’s about it at the younger grades.  Sometimes it is too frustrating to try to tackle reading and grammar at the same time so I wait until they are more proficient readers and writers to do formal lessons/study in grammar and just throw in little tidbits here and there.

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