Helpful Homeschooling/Classroom Phrases for Muslims I

16 Apr

Helpful Homeschooling/Classroom Phrases for Muslims I

Word of "praise"
Mumtaz – Excellent
Jayyid – Good
Masha Allah

For Correct/Incorrect responses
Saheeh – correct (or shortened to "sah")

Ghayr saheeh – incorrect
Hadha Khataa’ – this is an error/this is wrong

Uktub (to male)/Ukhtubee (to female) – Write!
Iqra/Iqra’ee – Read!
Isma’/Isma’ee – Listen!
Istama’/Istam’ee – Listen carefully!

Hal Akmalt?  or Akmalt?  –  Have you finished? 

Ijlis/Ijlisee – Sit down!
IkhfiD/IkfiDee – Lower your voice!


Hal ‘indak/’indakee su’al? – Do you have a question?

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One response to “Helpful Homeschooling/Classroom Phrases for Muslims I

  1. Jasmina

    August 11, 2007 at 10:40 am

    These phrases are very useful.

    I am a teacher of arabic language and I need o lot ot this for my job.

    Please, sent me in arabic moore text like these phrases on this site.

    Prof. Jasmina

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