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11 Jun


Several years ago, I came across an excellent series of books by Peggy Kaye which listed/explained many learning games. Books in the series included “Games for Learning,” “Games for Math,” and “Games for Reading.” These books were very helpful and I highly recommend them. I found them in my local library.

Games are a very effective way to teach/reinforce concepts as well as to engage reluctant learners.

I belong to a yahoo group where members share game ideas for learning:

They have an archive of games which members may download games from, definitely worth checking out.

Also, the Games for Learning yahoo group is hosted by the owner of this site:

where you can find lots of learning game ideas as well.



Today we played one of my favorite games from the Peggy Kaye series. It is called “Speed Contest.”

It is a game to practice spelling but can also be used for penmanship as well.

We are working on “ck”words in phonics so we used the “ck” word list that we are working on.

Taking one word at a time, we compete to see who can write the word the most times in 45 seconds. Now of course adults have an unfair advantage as they already know how to spell the word and their motor skills are generally better. So to even things up, the adult has to write the word 3x as much as the student.

Now when I usually try to settle my rambunctious one down to study, it’s quite a task ( I have to hunt him down, usually). But once we started playing this game, he loved it! I was going to stop and he wanted to go on, so of course I gladly indulged him. We also worked math into it as he counted the words he had and then I wrote a multiplication number sentence to show that I had to write 3x as much as he did and he would count up the number of times I wrote the selected word.



So if you find yourself getting into a rut or skipping school days or classes, why not try playing a game to liven things up or get on track?



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