Daily Alphabet Review/Learning Sessions

13 Jun

I like to make up session routines for my younger children. We typically don’t use textbooks in the younger stages and I like to have something consistent to follow. It cuts down on planning time and as we learn new concepts, they can be tacked on for review/practice.


Here is a sample of what we do to review the alphabet and related concepts: (the activities do not have to be all done in one sitting)

Daily Alpha Review:

As reference, I use the alphabet/vowel charts that I made:

  1. Ask student # of letters in alphabet
  2. Point to the letters and recite them (may do more than one time)
  3. Ask student which letters are uppercase/which are lower case
  4. Have student match uppercase letters to lowercase letters (flashcards, worksheet, or just point to a lowercase (or uppercase) letter and have student find its corresponding uppercase (or lowercase) letter.
  5. Ask student what is the 1st letter, 2nd letter, 3rd letter, last letter of the alphabet
  6. Have student name the letter you point to.
  7. Tell student to find the letter …….. (in the chart, in a book, poster, or anywhere in environment)
  8. Give student dictation. Call out a letter or letters, have them write it. Make sure they are forming it correctly.
  9. Sequencing
    1. ask student what comes after the letter/before the letter….(student can look at chart)
    2. Ask student what becomes between two letters (can write with spaces: a ____ c or use flashcards, sowing 2 to three letters at a time a___c or a___.


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