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10 Jul

I have just completed a set of Quraan lessons for upper elementary and up for Surah Tur (52). Juz 27.  It includes comprehension questions, English and arabic vocabulary, writing, and “exploration” activities.  Insha Allah I will be posting it this week.  It is not designed for memorization of the surah, however, it would be of use, insha Allah, if students are memorizing the surah.  The sections are divided up by Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir divisions.  A copy of the translation of Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir is necessary to complete the lessons. 

If students (children and adults) are memorizing any surah, I encourage you to take a look at TJ’s Surah Study Guide Templates (available at

“Get more out of your Quraan studies, insha Allah, with this handy set of forms, includes a blank schedule, tafsir outline form,  form for recording study questions and more!  Also includes a basic structure to follows when starting to study a new surah.)”



My 12 year old, one of my two students that I designed the lesson for told me I should make lessons for the whole quraan!  I do have a partial lesson for fatihah (see url above) and I have about six lessons for Suratul Kahf which are completed, but just haven’t had the time to post them on the site. 


So if you are looking for Quraan teaching resources, please stop by:


Insha Allah you will find something handy from posters, charts, schedules, and teaching tips including:


Independent Quraan Period Ideas

by Talibiddeen Jr.

Independent/Semi Independent Learning Activity Ideas for Kids

(while Umm is busy with something or someone else)



Quraan Period Suggestions

by Talibiddeen Jr.

A sample outline of how to conduct a Quraan Class/Study Session


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