Taming the Laundry Monster?

16 Jul

One day several years ago, I emptied out all the clothes (malaabis) and to my dismay, I saw several articles of my infant daughter’s clothing (mostly purples and pinks) stained with mold.  I had three other older children and they had mostly of browns, blues, etc. and these were always the clothes that I concentrated on first.   At that point, I knew I needed a better system for my laundry (ghaseel).  I couldn’t afford to have all my baby daughter’s clothing ruined.  We had just moved to a little village (qaryah) in Egypt (Masr)  and at that time I didn’t know where to find quality clothes for babies (atfaal).   

Pre Sorting 

The first thing I noticed about laundry was that it was time consuming sorting through the clothes each time I wanted to wash.  So the first step was to permanently sort the clothes. At the time I only had grocery bags to use (Alhamdulillah I eventually upgraded to clothes baskets) for each color.  Eventually I made up some laundry tags to designate the different clothes baskets.  I found that these could be helpful for learning color words as well. The tags have the English color word, plus the Arabic and the English transliteration.  I only have about 5 or 6 different color piles (some like colors are combined) but there are twelve labels.  So at that point, whenever I went to wash clothes, I just picked up the basket of the colors I was going to wash for that day. I didn’t have to sort through the clothes every time I wanted to wash. 


At this point, I had begun to start saving time just by already having the clothes sorted out. But I was still falling into the habit of washing the browns, blues, etc. So I set up a weekly (usbuwiyyah) schedule so that I could cycle more effectively through the different colors. I have a household schedule form on TJ where I can put my washing schedule, housecleaning schedule, hygiene and other household tasks. For the laundry, I basically assigned each group of colors a day.  I have about five color groups so the extra two days of the week are for catching up in case I didn’t wash on a particular day or just rest from the laundry.  

 I have been on this system for about five years Alhamdulillah and it has taken some of the uggh out of laundry. I stay on top of the laundry now with 8 kids better than I did with  4, masha Allah. There have even been many times when I looked at the clothes baskets to find that there was not a single article of clothing in any of the baskets (ok it was short lived, maybe till the end of the day or till someone had an accident, but still a wonderful sight). And of course the schedule kind of gets off when we move, but masha Allah, it’s usually relatively easy to get back on track.     


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2 responses to “Taming the Laundry Monster?

  1. sabrina

    October 8, 2007 at 12:02 am

    Asalamalaykum sister!!!
    Masha’Allah, i love your blog, it is so helpful!!I had been looking for something like this for ages!!May Allah reward you sister!!!I don’t know how you manage with 8 children,Masha’Allah, i have only four and i’m struggling.I wish i was homeschooling my kids as i can see all the advantages, but i wouldn’t know where to start from!!Anyway, your blog gave me lots of good ideas, and insha’Allah will help me set a routine for Islamic studies,insha’Allah!!!

  2. umm waifyah

    January 10, 2009 at 12:14 am

    Masha allah uhkty, JAZAKALAHU LAYRAN. This is my favorite website. I love it soooo much!!!!!!! it is really practical. I’ve learnt soo much and i hope that I’m able to put it into practice. I just want to ask,how do you mange to have time? My toddler and baby are always with me (most of the time) and when i’m doing any work on the computer,they want to get involved. This is the challenge that I face! Alhamdulila.

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