Free Phonics Resources from Saxon

21 Jul

If you are new to phonics, you might want to check out the Saxon website. I have never used the Saxon program, however when I was just starting out, I ordered their catalogs and samples. I based my own phonics program upon their materials. In their sampler package, they list the order that they teach the phonograms (scope and sequence) and this became the spine for my homemade phonics. I still have a great deal of the material and I still use it for reference to this day. They have a teacher’s resource book which explains the rules of phonics and gives examples of words with them in them. I have the hard copy of these materials, but a few years back, I had downloaded them as well:

Phonics Scope and Sequences:

They also have scope and sequences for math as well:

If you “snoop” around, you will find a lot of free resources at Saxon.

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