Preschool Mouse (Computer) Activities

24 Jul

Musa, age 2, The youngest TJ student at work!

I am absolutely amazed at his mouse skills. He knows how to click and is very accurate (sometimes even better than his five year old big sisters).

His current favorite activity on the computer is “Colors” (as he calls Microsoft Paint) Now we hear all day long “Can I do colors?”

Even though he is very skilled in working with the mouse, I wanted some fun activities for him to do. So I consulted one of my very very very favorite sites If you have not visited this site before, you just gotta (smile). So much stuff for K-12. It’s really a collection of links—a very large collection…but very well organized.

Anyway, here:

I found 15 online mouse activities for preschoolers.
If you have preschoolers, do check out the preschoolers page, it’s a must!!!! They have lots of other resources on this page besides the mouse activities

Happy Homepreschooling……….

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One response to “Preschool Mouse (Computer) Activities

  1. Juwariyah

    November 10, 2007 at 12:59 am

    Walaykis Salaam Ya he sounds like my kids they all started young on the pc and alhamdulillah they are very good at it (although Ibi needs more practice as far as ) what to select and all mashallah he looks like a pro alhamdulillah smile 🙂

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