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21 Aug

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I started out intending to post a few simple math tricks that we are using to learn the math facts. But as I searched for some already written instructions for them, I found some interesting resources regarding math facts that I thought I’d share.

So first, the tricks:


I love this first one, but my older kids weren’t as excited as I was and don’t really use it. I thought it was cool. A neat way to solve a x9 problems with your hands: (includes illustrations to show the method.) This site has a lot of helpful tips and lessons so I think its worth checking out anyway…….

Another article on the same subject:


Works for 9+1 up to 9+9:

1. Look at the number you are adding to 9. In the case of 9+3 it is 3.

2. Give the number 1 less than that —>2

3. Add a 1 in front of it: 12 —9 + 3 = 12 ta da!

Some people feel that learning math by tricks is harmful:

The tricks are working for us now, so masha Allah I use them in addition to drill.

Some general tips for learning math facts, including tricks:

Now the rest,

From our homeschooling experiences, I have come to believe that it is very important for children to memorize their math facts. I have seen my older children struggle with math problems because they have not yet memorized all their math facts. Sometimes when we work on new concepts, they get bogged down with basic facts so that they can hardly get to the new concept.

Article by Ruth Beechick: What about Math Facts:

When most of us think about learning math facts, we probably think about the full page of timed math drills that most of us probably got in school. Many people today feel these are ineffective and boring. While they may not make for exciting activities, I still feel that these and other old fashioned teaching methods do really still work today. See: Should Speed Tests be used to teach math facts for an opinion supporting this view plus some tips if you are planning on or contemplating teaching via the more traditional drill method..

Another interesting article regarding teaching methods:: Division Flares Up Over Math: Some teachers develop a middle ground:

Although I feel that these (timed drills/drills) are effective and I use them from time to time, there are other ways to teach your children the math facts: “Practice! Practice! Practice! That’s how most students learn their addition facts or times tables. Rote drill is a popular and proven tool for learning math facts. But it’s OK to lighten up and add some fun to math-facts learning” (Education-World)

Education World offers five games for teaching math facts :

Plus some additional resources: (several links here)


If you do decide to teach math facts, I felt this was a handy 15 page resource: “Fact Mastery and More!”

It’s an overview for teaching math facts and discusses some issues in teaching math facts as well as tips and game ideas.

And a lot of math teaching tips, games, and activities here:

Happy Learning!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to stop by for even more math resources……


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