TJ Ramadan

06 Sep

Ramadan is about a week away. Are you ready?

Not in the mood yet?  Then it’s time to take a trip to TJ Ramadan! 

Stop by TJ Ramadan and pick up your Ramadan organizational aids (calendar, family fasting tracker, duaa for breaking fast..and more) for your Ramadan bulletin board!

Get to setting up and decorating your Ramadan board!

Also, grab a copy of “A Mother’s Ramadan Organizer” to keep track of Ramadan articles, crafts, lessons and more!


Insha Allah printable copies of each of the daily Ramadan lessons will be available within the next week (insha Allah), so stop by to pick up those.  We did the daily lessons off of the computer last year and it was a bit tricky (especially as the power turns off at the most inconvenient times)

I am in the process of verifying links and reformatting Days 15-30 so check for those soon, insha Allah.

Get moving!  Get organized for a stress free Ramadan! (insha Allah)


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