Sample Ramadan Routine/Schedule

13 Sep

Just thought I would post an example of a Ramadan schedule/routine for those wanting to get a little more control/productivity out of their Ramadan, insha Allah.

If you have a schedule/routine that works well for you, please email me, I would love to post it on TJ Ramadan as I have just set up a new page for Ramadan routines, where this schedule below also appears:

 Sample Ramadan Schedule/Routine

  • Wake Up/Say Duaa for Waking Up/Make Wudhu/Pray Tahajjud

  • Prepare/Eat Suhoor

  • Pray Salatul Fajr

  • Clean up

  • Brief Ramadan family meeting (discuss how fasting is going, read an article, read Quraan together)

  • Free Time or Nap

  • Non-faster (kids) wake up/eat breakfast/get dressed/clean up

  • Learning Activities, such as TJ Ramadan 🙂

  • Pray Dhuhr/Lunch for non-fasters

  • Nap for little ones (and fasters if desired)

  • Pray Asr

  • Read Quraan or Ramadan related articles or story or ahadith or Ramadan Craft

  • Iftar

  • Pray Salatul Maghrib

  • Eat Dinner

  • Clean up

  • Pray Isha

  • Brief Ramadan Family meeting (discuss how fasting day went; review meal plan (make sure have everything for next day’s suhoor); review behavior charts, review tomorrow’s TJ Ramadan topic/print materials 🙂

  • Free Time/Read Quraan/Clean Up/Bedtime for younger children

  • Go to Bed by 9:30/10:00

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