Want to read and compose your email offline?

24 Dec

I’m not really a fan of hotmail or windows messenger, but I downloaded windows messenger today. It came with the Windows Live Mail desktop program. This program is similar to Outlook in that you can POP your mail and write letters offline (as well as subscribe to RSS feeds if you have IE7).  I had been having problems using my Gmail in Outlook and wanted the ease of reading my mail offline and composing offline so this Windows Live Mail fit the bill.

You don’t need a hotmail or MSN account to use it. I use it with my Gmail. You can probably pretty much use any email account.  You may have to check with your provider for the email settings. For Gmail, I went to Gmail’s Help pages and under POP Mail they have a listings of settings for different programs. They didn’t have Windows Live Mail listed so I just used settings for other clients.

So I just thought I would pass this along for others who might not be aware.  You can download the mail program (as well as Messenger) from here:

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