Halaal/Haraam foods teaching ideas

31 Jan

One of my homeschooling groups, someone asked for ideas for teaching about Halaal/Haraam foods.

Here are the ideas that I came up with:

1. A matching assignment after you’ve gone over the foods, can be on paper, flashcards, powerpoint. Maybe make/use a paper plate and have flashcards of food and student has to sort the foods, putting the halal ones on a plate.
2. Find ayaat in the Quraan and ahadith about the foods which are haraam and read them, give those as copywork.
3. Read/research about some of the foods that are haraam (alcohol, pork, creatures that cannot be eaten) and read about some halal foods as well.  Give student subcategories say of alcohol (beer, wine, etc), pork (ham, pork chops, etc)
4. Have kids make a haraam vs. halal poster or a poster with just haraam foods warning people not to eat these foods.
5. Learn the name of some halal/haraam foods in Arabic.
6. Make a menu containing halal foods.
7. Write a newspaper article about haraam foods.
8. Make a mobile of halaal foods and one of haraam foods.
9. Go on a supermarket hunt, with a list of halaal/haraam foods (premade list) have students go around the store finding the items and checking them off/write the aisle number they found them on.
10. Look on packages for haraam ingredients.
11. Write a letter to a company inquiring as to whether an ingredient in question is halaal or not.

One response to “Halaal/Haraam foods teaching ideas

  1. Umm Hudhaifah

    February 1, 2008 at 12:06 am

    assallammu alaikum sister,
    i have a toddler that i have begun to homeschool and i have come across your website and think its one of the best resources i have ever seen, mashaAllah tabarakAllah…
    and though we do not know each other i just wanted to say i love you fee sabeelillah based on the effort i can tell you put in for your family and that you are sharing with the muslim ummah! may Allah reward you for this immensely…it is a sadaqa jaariyah inshaAllah…..
    your sister,
    Umm Hudhaifah in MI

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