Yemen blog section is moving….

31 Jan

Since I am sure that not all those considering coming to Yemen are interested in wading through my homeschooling stuff, I have given my Yemen portion its own blog:

I’ve moved my informational pages there, but not yet my personal accounts/blog entries.  As soon as I’m finished moving the Yemen stuff there, I will take it off of this blog.

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One response to “Yemen blog section is moving….

  1. Ahmed bin Ahmed

    December 30, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Asalamuwa aykum and hello. Please remove the web site from you list regarding info on camels on lapbooking which can be accessed via the home schooling site. I have posted this coment on the lapbooking page too as i think they must be different people.
    This site is well known for its heresy and its followers are outside the fold of Islam as stated by the scholars of this ummah. The site promotes the personality of Dr rashid khalifah who believed the Quran was besed upon the number 19 and ended up also claiming prophethood for himself. The submission site also goes on to say >> ” The continued research then unveiled a startling fact; that the extremely popular “Hadith & Sunna” have nothing to do with the prophet Muhammad, and that adherence thereto represents flagrant disobedience of God and His final prophet (Quran 6:112 & 25:31). ” << all of which is very easily refuted… even by me. I recall skimmng through this submission site along time ago.. they have discusting coments on it about the sahabah and mock some of the major narrators of aHadith. Dr khalifa is dead now but his followers have a ‘masjid’ in the USA where both men n women stand in salaht next to each other.

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