Greater than/Less than Math Trick

08 Feb

Just wanted to pass on a little math trick that I read from a book eons ago to help children remember which way the <> signs go.

Have your child imagine that the sign > is a hungry, greedy alligator and that the open end is his mouth. He is greedy so when faced with two numbers, he will point his mouth towards the larger number.

Example: 42 72 hence: 42 < 72

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One response to “Greater than/Less than Math Trick

  1. Ismail

    January 27, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Cool. The way I did (I still do it til date to be sure). Raise you hands to your chest. The right elbow is now like greater than and the left elbow is like lesser than. Right is always better thus greater.

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