Missing Addends

24 Feb
My six year old is working on missing addends so of course I scoured the web for resources and came up with some word problems of our own.
I’ve copied and pasted them below and they are here for future reference:
Here are some handy resources for practicing the concept of missing addends.

Premade Worksheets

Missing Addends with Dominoes worksheet (max sum is 5)

Missing Addends worksheet from Ed Helper (max sum is 10)

AAA Math Missing Addend activity (Sums up to 20)

Worksheet Generators

Missing Addend worksheet generator. Make your own worksheets. Specify the max sum.

Other Ideas

Give student word problems for which they have to find the missing addend.


1. Ismaeel had four pencils. Abi gave him some more. Now he has nine pencils altogether. How many pencils did Abi give him?

2. Safiyah had 3 cookies. Since she finished her work, her Umm gave her some more. Now she has 10 cookies, how many cookies did her Umm give her?

3. There were four mus-haf sitting on the shelf at the masjid. After they were finished reciting, some brothers put their mus-hafs back on the shelf. Now there were 10. How many mus-hafs were put back on the shelf?

4. Ummy washed 2 potatoes for dinner, but she needed to wash 10. The baby started crying so she asked Sharifah to wash the rest. How many potatoes did Sharifah have to wash?

5. There were eight kids. Each kid was to get a slice of pizza. There were four slices of pizza on the plate. How many more slices are needed?

6. We need nine eggs to make deviled eggs for lunch. Muhammad took out 2 from the refrigerator, how many more does he need to take out?

7. There were seven kids. Each kid was to get a cupcake. Ummy frosted 3 cupcakes, how many more does she need to frost?

Before this we worked on Odd/Even and I’ve put together a lesson plan for introducing that concept, with an Islamic introduction, insha Allah that will be posted tomorrow/later this week.

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