Daily Math Review: Time and Money

08 Mar

My third grader is working on telling time and money.

The following is a sample of daily review activities. I write/print these ideas on flashcards to form a daily review deck. (Click here for a printable copy) The review deck is done right before the math period or at any time during the day. It’s also great for days when we miss formal math lesson, but can still review to work on the concepts.

Each concept is written on a different card. The cards help save time and brain energy as I don’t have to keep racking my brain each day for review activities/questions.

Have student look at time on computer and show that time on a demonstration analog clock.

What time will it be in x minutes? What time was it x minutes ago?

What time will it be in x hours? What time was it x hours ago?

If (an event) is at (time), how long ago was that? How long from now is that?

How many hours in a day? Minutes in an hour? Seconds in a minute?


How much is a penny worth? A dime? A nickel? A quarter? A dollar?

How much do I have if I have x dollars, x nickels, etc.

How many pennies make a dollar? Nickels make a dollar? Dimes make a dollar? Quarters make a dollar?

1 quarter = ____ pennies; 1 nickel = ____ pennies; 1 quarter = _______ nickels; 1 quarter = _______ pennies; 1 quarter = ____ dimes, ____ nickels; 1 dime = ____ pennies; 50cents = ____ dimes

How much change will you get back? (Given a price and an amount paid)

Given a money amount (e.g. $2.31) have student read this amount.

On a flashcard, make a mini menu/price list. Ask student how much will _____ and ______ cost. You can also ask how much change he/she will get back, given a certain amount paid.

Given x dollars and cents, can you buy? (using the price list)

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