Teaching the Alphabet

08 Mar

These are the components I focus on:


· Daily Review

· Recognition/Writing

· Sound

· Capital/lowercase

· Sequencing


Here is a sample routine that can be used. This routine is based upon teaching the letters in alphabetical order.


1. Daily Review

a. Number of letters in alphabet

b. Point to and say all letters of the alphabet in order (using chart)

c. Number of vowels; recite them


2. Recognition

a. Review (daily): Point to random letters or use flashcards; make a note of unknown/non recalled letters

b. Introduce new letter (lowercase only or upper and lower, your choice)

c. Give alphabet drills on the new letter plus a few review letters

d. Show student how to write the letter and let student practice writing the new letter

e. Other ideas: have student look through books and labels for the new letter; give student a coloring activity; out of rows of letters, circle the new letter.

3. Sound

a. Review (daily). Out of the known letter sounds, using flashcards or a chart, ask student the sounds each letter makes.

b. Review (daily):Give student words that start with known letters, student picks the letter that the word starts with (write the letters for student to choose from or use the colored in letters of Alphabet Progress Chart.

c. Introduce sound of new letter, use picture cues

Give student objects or worksheet of things that start with new letter. Student either colors or circles those things that start with the new letter.



4. Lowercase/Upper case

a. At least once a week or so, give student an activity where he must match the uppercase letter to the lower case


5. Sequencing

a. Have student fill in the missing letter or letters of a sequence

b. Daily: Have student write the letters in order (up to the letter they are working on) several times


You can also use this routine for teaching the Arabic alphabet (making modifications as necessary)


Here are a few places to find alphabet activities/worksheets.

Alphabet Pictures

ABC Activities from ABC Teach

Learning Planet

Flashcards (Black and white outline from Beginning Reading)

Flashcards (color; from ABC Teach)


You can also stop by TJ’s Alphabet Page for more links and links to online activities such as alphabet books or learning activities.


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