Left and Right

14 May

I was just thinking about how teaching our children about Islam naturally can help them in non Islamic matters as well.

I was sitting down with my preschooler and asked him which was his right hand. He lifted up his right hand. Then of course it turned into a little game and I asked him to lift his left leg, left hand, point to his left ear, right eye, etc.  He only got one wrong one time, masha Allah.

I can’t help but think that some of it may have to do with the fact that we teach him to eat with his right hand and when we see him eating with his left remind him to eat with his right hand.  For the older ones (and sometimes him but not as much), I try to remind them to start dressing with the right side.

It seems like it has been a lot easier to reinforce the concepts of right/left with my children who were born after I had become Muslim than I remember with my children who were born before I had become Muslim. 

Anyway, I am just glad that we haven’t had to really do any left/right activities to get this concept across. Of course, its always fun to do creative/art related activities, but at this point, they would really just be for fun and more reinforcement.

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