Phonics Lesson Helpers #11 – “or”

14 Aug

or word list

born, corn, horn, torn, worn, cord, Ford, lord, fork, cork, dork, pork, stork, fort, port, sort, short, dorm, form, storm, porch

New sight word:


previous sight words used: I, a, my



1. The corn was hot.

2. The horn was red.

3. The fork was short.

4. Wash the hat torn.

5. The ship was at the port.

6. The cap was worn.

7. The van was a Ford.

8. Did I sort the hats?

9. Allah is my lord.

10. The form was on the desk.

11. Was the cork on the porch?

12. The big stork ran.


Review capitalization at beginning of sentence; end punctuation: periods and question marks.

Activity Suggestions:


Make word wheels or flapbooks

Play games (see: for a list of ideas.

Review past sounds each session.

For a sample phonics session outline, see:

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