4th Grade Daily Math Review

15 Aug

 We use math textbooks, but I find that although they have skills review pages, its just not enough review for my kids.  So I am working on a set of daily math review/skill building exercises, and I’ll include them in this (the math) section, insha Allah. I am hoping to do daily sheets for about 26 weeks worth (obviously it will take me some time). 

I try to cover the major areas of math at that level in each day (numeration, math facts, fractions/decimals, operations).  The sheets can be used daily or just weekly.  I am trying to be systematic in including the math facts (my kids need to memorize them) so for example in week 1, only the x2 multiplication facts are given.

There are a lot of exercises each day, not all have to be done in one day, but my kids have a lot of free time on their hands throughout the day, so I think its do-able, insha Allah.  One idea might be to have kids work on one section after each prayer of the day.

I thought these would also be great for those hectic days we have when its hard for me to sit down with them and do formal math.  I hope to do the same for the other grades I am teaching as well INSHA ALLAH. (currently 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade, 8th grade)

Insha Allah, I will post them as I complete them.

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