Phonics Lesson Helpers #08 – “ck”

15 Aug

Word List

back, hack, Jack, lack, pack, rack, sack, tack, black, crack

dock, lock, mock, sock, rock, stock, block, clock

deck, peck, neck, check

duck, buck, luck, puck, suck, tuck

sick, wick, tick, pick, lick, brick, chick, stick, click



  1. Did I pack my bag?
  2. My sock is black.
  3. My back is wet.
  4. The ship is at the dock.
  5. Pick up the rock.
  6. The brick is red.
  7. The sack is big.
  8. Did the lad mock my dad?
  9. I am sick.
  10. The crack is big.
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