Ramadan is approaching…..

16 Aug

Alhamdulilah, the month of Ramadan is drawing near (~September 1, 2008)

TJ Ramadan has loads of Ramadan resources for observing and learning about Ramadan such as daily lessons for kids, activity pages, Ramadan recipe links, Ramadan crafts, and more.


Important Note:

TJ Ramadan gets a lot of traffic during Ramadan alhamdulillah.  TJ Ramadan shares server space with 3 other of TJ’s sites so the bandwidth may be exceeded. It has been exceeded several months this year already outside of Ramadan season.  Point:  Once my bandwidth is reached, none of the sites can be accesses until the next month. So if you see anything that you want, its best to grab it  in the first few weeks of the month. Of course, you can also email with small requests for files and I will try to email them as soon as I can.



Also, here’s a site a few sisters put together to help get ready for Ramadan: (

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