Do It Yourself Arabic Alphabet lessons for kids – Lesson 3 – jeem, haa, khaa

20 Aug

Do not start this lesson until student has mastered lesson 1 letters.

I. Review

  • Review letters from last session using flashcards or drill cards.
  • Ask student how many letters there are in the Arabic alphabet.
  • Using alphabet chart, point to each letter of the alphabet and say each letter’s name to student.

II. New learning

  • Write the letters alif, baa, taa, thaa , jeem, haa, khaa on board in order. (use red for new letters)  (Frequently remind students that these letters are in order).
  • Put a box around jeem, haa, khaa Point to each  letter and say its name,  having students repeat after each letter. Do this several times.
  • Now point to one of the new letters randomly and have students(s) call out the letter. Repeat with each of the other letters. Do this several times, til students call out the letters correctky with ease.
  • Show student how the letters are formed.
  • Have students practice writing the letters in notebook or use these sheets from
  • Alif to Khaa

    • Play the speed game to practice writing:
    • Student or teacher selects a letter.  Set a timer for 45 seconds.  Student and teacher (or students) compete to see who can write the letter the most times in 45 seconds.  If students are beginning writers, a rule can be set up that the teacher must write the word, say, 3 times as much as the student. Repeat for the other letters.

      Ideas from Peggy Kaye’s series of books, “Games for…..”



    • Have student write the letters alif – khaa in order using  spelling stairs method (on first line write alif, on second line, write alif, baa, on third line, alif, baa, taa, etc, complete until all letters up to khaa are written).
    • Do a quick review drill of the letters to close the session using the jeem, haa, khaa drill cards (label this drill card 2 and the alif baa taa thaa card, card 1 or flashcards.

    Preparation for next lesson:

    • Prepare drill cards:

    Make 4-5 lines of drills. On each line, write each letter, alif to khaa but in a different position, this is drill card 3.

    Make a drill card  with just the letters daal, thaal, this is drill card 4 for when student is ready to move onto next letters.

    • Add jeem, haa, khaa cards to alphabet review deck (flashcards)

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      April 28, 2009 at 6:19 pm

      Can you give me instructions on how to download your materials because everything that I click on says “Not Found”.



      • talibiddeenjr

        April 29, 2009 at 4:07 pm

        Please let me know which ones you are having trouble with so I can check them out. I clicked on some things here and there and had no trouble.

    2. abdul nasir

      June 13, 2009 at 7:08 am

      assalaam alaikum brother
      i’m muslim father , i was searching a lot , for kids arabic worksheets, or kids arabic teaching cards etc, i couldnt see , it’s really sad. almost all says to pay.
      in english ther’s millions of kid educational ,things available on the net, which is good for cristian kids not for muslim,
      i hope in the world there will be a muslims who can create best websites for muslim kids.
      jazakahllah haira.

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