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07 Sep

I have a homeschooling binder to help me organize my homeschooling materials, but its huge and bulky and I hate to lug it around.  So I came up with an idea I call a “teaching companion” for each subject.  In the teaching companion I put all the things that I normally use during a learning session. This has come to cut down on prep time and the time it takes to gather up everything I need for a session. 

In my Arabic Teaching Companion for teaching the Arabic alphabet (just the alphabet) I have put in:


1) Arabic Alphabet Chart

2) Arabic Alphabet strip

3) Drill cards

5) Alphabetical order sequencing cards

6) handwriting cards (laminated for writing practice)

7) Review cards (cards with all the letters learned thus far in a cute shape or path

8 ) Dictation strip (to keep track of letters I have called out during a dictation session

9) Most importantly, my routine (a generic outline of our Arabic alphabet sessions)

I stapled my routine into the inside (or outside) of the folder so I can quickly refer to it and see what’s next.  Right now, I have my drill cards clipped to the folder as well as my dictation strip.  I like to mount the items so that they stay put as much as possible, insha Allah.

With my teaching companions, I feel more organized and we have more productive learning sessions, alhamdulillah because everything is right there.

Insha Allah one of these days, I will try to post printables for these (right now I’m doing everything by hand) as well as list the content of other teaching companions. 

Hope this is a handy tip, insha Allah.

(Insha Allah by the end of the year, I hope to revise and complete my Arabic alphabet lessons which are on the blog and maybe put into some type of book for easier use insha Allah.

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