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11 Sep

Pun intended.


If I was asked what was a key ingredient to homeschooling, or any learning, really, besides consistency, it would definitely be review/revision.

How many times have I introduced a concept to one of my kids and because the textbook didn’t review frequently enough, did they forget the material and we had to start from square 1?  Don’t have enough fingers…..

So, there are many ways that I try to incorporate regular review into our homeschooling.  One of them is simply through the use of games and file folder games.  Another is to review on a somewhat daily basis in the midst of our work……its quick and  usually painless and the point is that my kids see the stuff just about everyday.

The tip (for math):

two ways:

1. After child completes assignment

2. Working with student to complete the assignment (such as board work)

What I basically do is incorporate the review into whatever concept/lesson we are working on.

At the two times I mentioned above, here is what I do:

Ask child the following questions for each (or selected answers) from their work that they have completed:

  1. Read the answer
  2. Is  your answer odd or even?
  3. Round your answer to the nearest 10, 100, etc…
  4. Add 10, 5, 100, etc to your answer
  5. Subtract 10, 5, 100, etc from your answer
  6. Count on or count backwards from your answer.
  7. Count by 5s, 10s, etc from your answer.
  8. How many digits does your answer contain?
  9. What digit is in the hundreds place? tens place, etc.  and what is the value?

Then as we learn new skills, I add them to the list above. 

So if we are working on the board (student is completing assignment on the board) after each problem my student does, I ask 1 -6 of the questions above. Or if student has complete a page of problems, I have him/her go back and read the answers and ask the questions for each (or selected) problems. If problems are in rows, I might ask, which answer is the greatest, or least? or put them in order from greatest to least, vice versa. 

I have found this a very valuable and simple way to get that material reviewed on a daily/regular basis.

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