Making Learning Fun IV: Creative Activities to show what you know

23 Sep

A question came up in one of my homeschooling groups about coming up with activities for student to demonstrate what was learned.  Of course tests are one way, but here are some other ideas:

  • Try to come up with real life applications of the concepts learned (example, learning about communities, make a map of your community, volunteer in your community, interview someone in the community coming up with questions based upon what was learned, etc)
  • Make a lapbook
  • Make a poster or other creative project to illustrate the concepts learned
  • Prepare/give a speech on the topic
  • Take a survey (make up questions related to the main points learned and then for example ask family members or neighbors if they knew such and such or what are their thoughts on such and such
  • Write a report
  • Write in a journal daily and summarize/tell what was learned
  • Student makes up a test on the material himself
  • Make a mini book on the topic/chapter
  • Write a letter to someone (or even you) explaining what they learned
  • Video tape a mini documentary on the subject with the student as the presenter
  • Make a board game with the skill cards being based upon the concepts
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