Making Learning Fun V: Using PowerPoint Presentations

26 Sep

PowerPoints are an excellent teaching tool. They can be used as “textbooks,” tutorials, and exercises. They can be an excellent alternative (or supplement) to textbook chapters for many subjects.

You can make your own or download them free from the internet.

For Islamic PowerPoints:

I have many Islamic PowerPoints available in TJ’s Islamic Library. (link updated 10/29/13).You can find powerpoints on Aqeedah topics, Ibaadah, Quraan and more. Over 25 powerpoint books available.

For Non Islamic Subjects:

You’ll definitely want to make your first stop Pete’s PowerPoint Station(my favorite) for links to LOADS of free powerpoints on so many secular subjects from English to Geography to Math to Science, Social Studies and more…………………………………

If you are looking for a very specific topic, try the theme index, arranged in Alphabetical order.

 There are, of course, other sites to find free powerpoints but the one above is a great starting place for links to 1000s of free educational powerpoints.


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4 responses to “Making Learning Fun V: Using PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Nidha

    October 29, 2013 at 11:23 am

    Dear Sister,
    Jazakillah Khair for the excellent curriculum that you have designed for the preschoolers. I have just started to use these for my little ones. However, I cant find the power point presentation through the link provided. Could you post an alternative link please? Again, Jazakillah kharan katheera.

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