First Steps in Arabic Grammar Homeschool Syllabus: Week 1: Lesson 1 and 2

27 Sep

Week 1:

Lesson 1:

Day 1:


  1. Read lesson and take notes
  2. Alphabetize vocabulary list
  3. Sort vocabulary list by number of letters in each word
  4. Record nouns in Vocabulary notebook (use categories if you wish, i.e. people, places, household items, around the town, etc).
    • For each section in your vocabulary notebook, make three columns (fold the paper into thirds). For each noun write:
      • its English translation in the right side
      • in the middle write the singular form of the noun
      • in the left column write the plural form** (you will need to look these up, these are not provided in the grammar text)

**The author of the Madinah books, recommends learning the plural of a word when you learn the singular.


Day 2:


  1. Review “Review Deck/List” (insha Allah I will post questions for the review deck, but essentially these are flashcards or a list of review items in question form.)
  2. Reread the lesson
  3. Do the exercises in the book
  4. Review vocabulary words (fold your three fold pages up and reveal just the English. Say and then write the singular and plural. Review the vocabulary words daily in this fashion (or through other activities)

Lesson 2:

Day 1:

1.       Read the lesson

2.       Alphabetize the vocabulary list

3.       Sort words according to number of letters in each word

4.       Record words in vocabulary notebook

5.       Review vocabulary words


  Day 2:

1.       Review “Review Deck/List”

2.       Reread the lesson

3.       Do the exercises in the book

4.       Review vocabulary words


  Day 3:

1.       Review Review Deck

2.       For each noun that you have used thus far, pair it with ALL the appropriate adjectives you have learned that could describe the noun; write these pairings in your notebook (example: rajl qaseer, rajl taweel, etc)

3.  Write the opposite of the following words: taweel, pretty, happy, wide, new.

4.       Review vocabulary words


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