Writing Curriculum Outline

08 Oct

If you are stumped as to what types of writing assignments to assign to your upper elementary and junior high school kids/students, you might want to stop by TJ’s 52 Week Writing Curriculum Outline.

Its based upon my 52 week Islamic Studies outline, but you do not need to follow the outline for Islamic Studies to do it, in fact, it might be helpful for non Muslims as well. The outline cycles through the 4 main modes of writing: descriptive, persuasive, expository,  and narrative.  There is a general assignment topic given for each of 52 weeks, and then if you want to Islamicize it, there are examples that follow it of how to do so.

For each week, there are links to resources that can help you teach (or your student write) that particular type of writing. 

So if you are looking for ideas, be sure to stop by………………………..

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