Teaching Syllables

20 Oct

In one of my homeschooling groups, a question was raised about how to teach syllables.   I can’t remember what I did with my older kids other than the clapping activity (clapping out the syllables), which was always fun for them.

I am planning on getting into teaching my “middles” about syllables soon so I did a little surfing and found the following resources which look really helpful, insha Allah.


Decoding Multisyllabic Words,, by Wiley Blevins.

Nice easy read article with example lessons for teaching syllables. It starts out with  “What is a syllable?” Then it gives six common syllable spelling rules, then another lesson on teaching one of those six rules.


Here are some other resources I ran across.

Proteacher has some neat teaching ideas from teachers such as sorts and games:

Bella Online has a few resources for describing the rules of syllables:
Closed Syllables star
When teaching reading or spelling, the closed syllable is the first syllable type you should teach a beginning or remedial student. It is the most common syllable type and the easiest for students to learn. Here are tips for teaching the closed syllable type.
Open Syllables for Reading and Spelling star
Open syllables are one of the six syllable types. After teaching closed syllables, open syllables are the next type to teach to beginning and remedial readers and spellers.

The Consonant+le Syllable Type star
The sixth and final syllable type is the Consonant+le syllable type. When teaching reading or spelling, it is important that students understand all six syllable types.
 As was mentioned in the group discusssion that I began this post with, don’t get discouraged if your child does not get it the first few times.  If it gets too frustrating, just stop for a while and try to revisit it from time to time with interesting games/activities.  I have learned, masha Allah, that they eventually will get most stuff, insha Allah.

The Vowel Consonant E Syllable Type star
Here is a description of the vowel-consonant-e syllable. Included are tips for teaching the VCE syllable, also known as the magic e syllable.
Vowel Team Syllables star
Vowel team syllables are one of the six syllable types. Find out more about them in this article.

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