Help your kids become geographically literate

22 Oct

While researching for homeschooling and my geography page at TJ, I came across the following statistics:

A nine-nation survey found that one in five young Americans (18- to 24-year-olds) could not locate the United States on an outline map of the world. Young Americans knew measurably less geography than Americans 25 years of age and over. Only in the United States did 18- to 24-year-olds know less than people 55 years old and over; in all eight other nations, young adults knew more than the older ones.

Source: US Department of Education

Well, anyway, we have decided to pick up a pretty informal study of geography recently (where places are, capitals, nationalities, and a few other key facts) and I came across a few more helpful resources.

They seem great if you don’t want a full geography course, but at the very least to ensure, insha Allah, that your kids are geographically literate. 


1. How to prepare for a geography bee
I included this not for preparing for a geography bee, but thought it was an outline of basic types of information that would be helpful for kids to learn so they can be geographically literate, insha Allah.

2. Article: How to become geographically literate:


I thought these were great, simple tips, especially as we are computer/internet challenged these days. Insha Allah, we’ll do some basic geography flashcards to help us review.

Also, if you need more geography resources, stop by my geography page at TJ, there’s loads of stuff there…..

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