Proofreading/Editing #1

27 Oct

We have a lot of products here that are made here or in other countries where English isn’t the number 1 language and, as such, we see a lot of  mispelled words and oddly constructed sentences.

I thought that proofreading them would make for great, real life style assignments.  If I am able to scan in the future, I will, insha Allah, but here is one from a ruler package.  I’ve told my older kids to read it and proofread/edit it. You can also go over it together with student and discuss why something is incorrect.  If I am able to, I’ll post our final products on the TJ Student Gallery, insha Allah.


Matters Needing Attention:

This product is easy to b-

urning,aloof the high tem-

perature please, because

maybe beget any danger

and the product’s definiti-

on distort.


The product only befit m-

easure and study, unable

to do other definition’s m-



Needed the paterfamilias

 accompany,if the children

haven’t 3 years.


Made in China

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