Second Grade Spelling Lessons/Spelling Lists – List 2

27 Oct

Not all activities have to be completed. Choose as desired.


List  2 – Short e words

  1. sent
  2. best
  3. kept
  4. left
  5. desk
  6. went
  7. help
  8. next
  9. step
  10. leg

Bonus word: helmet

Activity 1: Pretest. Correct mispelled words. Review sound of short e.

Activity 2: Student reads the word list; teacher defines words as necessary.

Activity 3: Play the ladder game (words are written on rungs of ladder, student reads up to climb to the top of the ladder (variation: stairs). Do several times, varying the order of the words.

Activity 4: Read the words in sentences:

  1. Mom sent a note to my dad.
  2. This is the best cake I have ever had.
  3. He kept his coat in the closet.
  4. I left my book on the desk.
  5. Do not step on the bug!
  6. I need help.
  7. When is the next sale?
  8. I bumped my leg on the table.
  9. We went to the lake for a picnic.

Activity 5:

Write words mispelled from the pretest in stair step fashion a few times:






Activity 6: Sort I

Put the words in alphabetical order.

Activity 7: Sort II

Sort the words in columns by word endings:

  • ending in t
  • ending in g
  • ending in k
  • ending in p

Activity 8: Unscramble the words


1. etns________________

2. steb________________

3. tkpe________________

4. tefl________________

5. dsek________________

6. nwte________________

7. plhe________________

8. etnx________________

9. sept________________

10. egl________________

Scrambled at:

Activity 9: Short e word search

Made from:

Other places to make word searches: or or

Activity 10: Speed Contest (especially with mispelled words). See how many times student can write each word (one at a time) in 30 seconds.

Activity 11: Write the words in sentences. If this is difficult for student, have student copy the sentences given in Activity 3.

Activity 12: Proofreading

Maryam took a test. Please correct it for her.

  1. sent
  2. best
  3. cept
  4. left
  5. desc
  6. wint
  7. hellp
  8. nekst
  9. step
  10. leg

Activity 13: Assessment. Give student the words and 1-3 of the sentences from activity 3 for a test. Have student record mispelled words in notebook and review these often.


  • You can break up the activities into days (example: 3-4 activities per day (or less)).
  • Give dictation daily on the words and optionally, a few of the sentences from activity 3 (each day).

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