Second Grade Spelling: Lesson 3: Short i words

30 Oct

List  3 – Short i words

  1. sick
  2. slip
  3. milk
  4. bit
  5. wind
  6. fix
  7. fit
  8. his
  9. kid
  10. if


Activity 1: Pretest. Correct mispelled words. Review sound of short i.

Activity 2: Student reads the word list; teacher defines words as necessary.

Activity 3: Play the ladder game (words are written on rungs of ladder, student reads up to climb to the top of the ladder (variation: stairs). Do several times, varying the order of the words.

Activity 4: Read the words in sentences:

  1. I am sick.
  2. Did you slip on the spill?
  3. Milk is good for you.
  4. I bit my lip when I ate the chip.
  5. The kite blows in the wind.
  6. Did Dad fix my bike?
  7. Did the pants fit?
  8. His name is Tom.
  9. If you do not do your work,  you cannot play.
  10. The dog bit the kid on the leg.


Activity 5:

Write words mispelled from the pretest in stair step fashion a few times:






Activity 6: Sort I

Put the words in alphabetical order.

Activity 7: Sort II

Sort the words in columns by number of letters in each word: 2, 3, or 4


Activity 8: Unscramble the words

 1. sikc________________

2. lsip________________

3. lkmi________________

4. ibt________________

5. dwni________________

6. xif_______________

7. ift________________

8. hsi________________

9. ikd________________

10. fi________________


Scrambled at:

Activity 9: Short i word search

Made at:

Places to make word searches: or or

Activity 10: Word Maker

Using paper or other letter tiles, (or just do on board or paper) have student substitute the first letter of the words to make new words that fit the pattern (e.g. with an ick ending, student can make, chick, kick, lick, pick……) You can even make up word wheels or flip books.

Activity 11: Speed Contest (especially with mispelled words). See how many times student can write each word (one at a time) in 30 seconds.

Activity 12: Write the words in sentences. If this is difficult for student, have student copy the sentences given in Activity 3.

Activity 13. Fill in the blank. Have student fill in the blank with the correct word or rewrite the sentence with the correct word.

  1.  I need to go to the doctor, I am _______________ (sick, wind).
  2. I hope I do not _____________ on the soap. (fix, slip)
  3. I like to drink cold _______________ (wind, milk).
  4. The bad boy ______________ my cookie. (kid, bit)
  5. The _____________ blew my kite away.  (kid, wind)
  6. I cannot _______________ my toy. (fit, fix)
  7. The ball will not ____________ in the hole. (kid, fit)
  8. ___________ dad cannot come to the game. (Bit, His)
  9. The ___________ sitting on my left is Jane. (bit, kid)
  10. We can go home ____________ you want. (slip, if)

Activity 14: Proofreading

Jameelah took a test. Please correct it for her.

  1. meelk
  2. sic
  3. slip
  4. bit
  5. whind
  6. ficks
  7. fit
  8. hiz
  9. cid
  10. iff

Activity 15: Assessment. Give student the words and 1-3 of the sentences from activity 3 for a test. Have student record mispelled words in notebook and review these often.


  • You can break up the activities into days (example: 3-4 activities per day (or less)).
  • Give dictation daily on the words and optionally, a few of the sentences from activity 3 (each day).
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