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16 Nov

If you need help teaching spelling, I recommend hopping over to All About Spelling, which I think is a very useful site. It is a commercial site for a spelling program but there are many free articles with some really helpful tips for teaching spelling at home. There are also tips for those who don’t teach, but want to help their kids who go to school.

The articles can be found here:

The articles range from approaches to teaching spelling, teaching strategies, what to look for in a spelling program, spelling activities, tips for homeschool spelling and more.

In addition the site has spelling lists for up to grade 7 I think (arranged alphabetically).

Two of the main things that the site’s author stressed which I whole heartedly agree with are the importance of teaching phonics and spelling rules and daily review.

I cannot endorse the product as I have never tried it, but the articles are very helpful and the program does seem to have a lot of merits as you can see from the sample lessons.

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