Career Exploration

17 Nov
As my kids are getting older, I want them to explore and get an idea of the careers that they might be interested in.
I came across this neat interest profiler: and sat down last Jumuah evening with my two older kids and went through it. I had downloaded the desktop version which consisted of pdf files. There were three main files that I used, the profiler (which is like 180 questions, and the student answers whether or not that job task would interest them, then they score the survey and then based upon their scores they see which of the six interest areas are highest from that and after that they look at jobs in those interest areas.  It took a little bit for us to figure our way through it but it was definitely worth it. It was amazing how after they scored and found out which interst area was strongest, the descriptions of each area fit each one of the kids to a T. And they selected jobs that sounded interesting and then insha Allah my plan is to have them explore those jobs. I think o net has some resources for that as does
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