Five Senses

26 Nov

We’re using the free science curriculum at but I supplement it with other material as well. The younger kids are studying the five senses and I am putting together my own lesson plan on it which, insha Allah, I will try to post when we are finished.

Anyway, here are some resources I came across on the ‘net regarding the five senses:


Here are some learning goals from Instructor Web:


  • What each sense does (and the organs associated with each sense)
  • Losing a Sense

For my personal lessons, I am adding in ayaat from the Quraan that talk about these senses, especially in regards to the blessing they are from Allah and losing the senses. I also am adding in little “experiments” such as being blindfolded to simulate blindness (making the point that this is an oversimplification of being blind); being blindfolded and smelling different things, identifying sounds, etc.

I am also adding in there the Arabic terms for the organs (eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hand). Older kids can learn the names of the senses in Arabic.

In addition, you can read about famous people who have lost their sight (Hellen Keller, Ibn Umm Maktum), or hearing and read about phenomena such as no sense of touch or smell.

 (The ones in red were my favorite favorites  😉  If you don’t want to spend a lot of time surfing, I recommend starting with these.

Lesson Plans and Activities

  • “Come to Your Senses Nice introductory material for each sense with cool facts and related links. Excellent one to start with.
  • (It has a lesson outline on this page, to download the printables, you have to have an account. Some of the stuff on the site you can get with a free account, but I am not sure if these are available with that account. At any rate, the lesson plan outline on this page might be helpful.




  • AtoZ teacher’s stuff: The link wasn’t working for me, but they usually have some great stuff, so I am adding it here.
  • Same thing here: I am getting a lot of links working, but I think its the internet connection. Ed Helper usually has good stuff too, so I am adding it to the list.
  • Have kids make posters of the five senses, one for each sense.



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