Mini Books for Lapbooks for Islamic Studies

20 Dec

Here are a few mini books that I made or compiled for Islamic Studies for lapbooks:

For use with  Prophet’s Prayer Described (or any study of Salat)

Facing the Kabah – a cube shaped mini book: ppd-minibooks-facing-the-kabah

Sutrah – a flapbook: ppd-minibooks-sutrah

Books of Allah – matching game: file-folder-games-islamic-books-of-allah

Here are some resources that were donated to TJ from the sister that runs :

These are worksheets. Just cut them out to make instant file folder/lapbook activities, insha Allah:

is_salaat_looks_like_time: Match the name of the prayer to the picture that looks like what it looks at that prayer time.

is_salaat_names_of_positions_match : Match the prayer position name to the pictured prayer position

is_salaat_salah_time_today: Write the time of the prayers today and show on the clocks on the sheet

is_salaat_the_proper_salah: Pictures of different sequences shown. Show the one that shows the correct sequence of the prayer.

is_salaat_position_cut_and_paste: Match the pictured prayer positions to the correct name

Wudhu Sequencing Activity by TJ:


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5 responses to “Mini Books for Lapbooks for Islamic Studies

  1. Umm Mahmoud

    December 20, 2008 at 11:27 pm

    As salaamu alaikum sis,

    Do you have any copywork pages for young children? Maybe with an islamic theme or secular. Thanks! 4 all u do~!

    Umm Mahmoud, KSA

    • talibiddeenjr

      December 22, 2008 at 2:38 pm

      wa alaykum us salaam,

      You might try my handwriting page:

      I’ve got some things that might be helpful (well they are handwriting practice moreso). There are some Islamic word pages for handwriting practice (Allah, Masjid, Kabah, etc) and M is for Masjid and sentence writing The Kabah is my Qiblah.) But that’s probably about it. Never got around to adding more to those resources.

      Hope something is handy there for you. Insha Allah, in the future, that is one thing I wanted to work on having more of.

  2. talibiddeenjr

    February 23, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    As salaamu alaykum,

    Now you can visit the new Islamic Copywork blog: for Islamic copywork. Its in the beginnng stages, but still some goodies (insha Allah)

  3. maha

    August 9, 2010 at 6:49 am

    Assalam Alikom warahmatu Allah wabarakatoh,
    MashaaAllah, Ihave been looking around for islamic activities for my kids and I found this wonderful resource. I really appreciate you work and sharing it with others mashaaAllah.
    I only have a correction, I hope you can make. it is the way you wrote Jalsa in Arabic. it should be written like جلسة. if you can not read my Arabic writing, it is Jeem, Laam, Seen, Taa Marboota.
    Jazakom Allah khayran Katheeran

    • talibiddeenjr

      August 31, 2010 at 5:09 am

      wa alaykum us salaam,

      wa yakum.

      The positions printable was not done by me, so I cannot make corrections, but in sha Allah others can see your comment here (I’ll also try to post on the original post, in sha Allah).

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