Arabic Daily Review Cards

07 Jan

I’ve learned that daily review of Arabic (well anything) is essential. So I have made up some Arabic Daily Review Cards and hope they are handy for others.  They cover the Arabic alphabet (standalone and connected), numbers, short vowels, long vowels, sukoon, and tanween.  They are in the form of questions/requests to the student to give/write information.  There are about 75 or so cards.

I am in the process of making a book to teach beginning Arabic reading (well the reading of words, not sentences at this point) and I made the cards to go along with it. Other topics to be covered in the first book, insha Allah will be shaddah and the use of “al” (shamsiyyah and qamariyyah). I have made a progress checklist to go with it: la_arabic_yes_reading-1_progress-checklist. I thought it might be handy if you are making your own curriculum and needed a teaching sequence.  The daily Arabic review cards cover everything on the list up to and including tanween.

Bi-ithnillah, I will post the book when it is complete (still working on the alphabet books as well, insha Allah).


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3 responses to “Arabic Daily Review Cards

  1. umm wafiyah

    January 7, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    Assalamu mu alykum. I wanted to ask if you could give me some tips on how to teach young children( age 3 and 6) the arabic alphabet insha allah. I found some links on your site and most of them have been really helpful. I was thinking that I might get them to do some handwritting(Yemenlinks),then colouring alphabet,and listen on tape to young children singing arabic(no instrument). Masha allah, you are an inspiration. Your site is fantastic!!!!!!! How do you find time to do it? subhannallah. Sometimes I find it had to get any work done especially on the computer. My toddler and baby always want to get involve. Alhamdulila. I have had a look at the arabic daily review.mashallah its really good.jeyyed!

    • talibiddeenjr

      January 21, 2009 at 3:09 pm

      wa alaykum us salaam,

      Well, for the six year olds (I have a six and a seven) I basically use the outline that I posted under the Do It Yourself Arabic Alphabet Lessons. Those work well for us. (I am putting together a few “textbooks” if you will for the standalone arabic alphabet and then one for the connected forms. Might not help you now (smile) but I hope to have those up soon.
      For my three year old, his is really low key and really my 13 year old daughter teaches him more t han I do. She makes these little stairs with the letters on them (just a few at a time) and repeats them (an old activity I use for phonics) and he has to say the letters to go up the stairs. And of course she gets elaborate, lol, she makes little like game scenarios (like video games) and he has to complete levels…..they go through jungles, water scenes, etc. He really enjoys that and she just prints the lettes in the scene and he advances. Basically drill, but made fun. And really I don’t do much more than that with him at this point. I am leaving off the handwriting right now, because he’s younger and I don’t want to wear him out, but yeah, the coloring and all that of course is good for the little ones. I don’t think you have to get too academic-y at that age, but I guess it depends on the child’s interest.

      Yeah, I have the same computer issues (obviously or there wouldnt be the stuff that there is on the site, lol). But since I don’t buy curricula or have libraries. I have to basically make the bulk of it myself and I want my kids to have fun and I also want to make the stuff and have it so when the next one comes up to school age/the next level, I am not sitting there trying to make it up. So yeah, time is an issue for me as well. I’ve got a six month old grabby baby who like to “help” out too, lol.

      The Arabic review cards are really helpful because I realize that it is so easy for them to forget stuff if its not reviewed daily and that was just a handy way to do it. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Heba

    May 23, 2009 at 12:21 am

    i have also found a very nice Video to teach the arabic alphabet.. it is from sound vision called”Alf For Allah” . I borrowd it from the public library in calgary canada but you can buy it from this site. my 4 year old daughter can now say the whole alphabet…

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