Oops! Starts with……

23 Feb

Got two words mixed up in the Arabic “Starts with…” post…..

I have made corrections to the original post:

th’ib  (wolf)  should have been under the dhaal/thaal (Side note: Sorry, sometimes transliterate the letter like  dhaal, or thaal). Have to be mindful of that)

Tha’baan (snake) should have been  under thaa.

Another good illustration of how transliteration is not the best to use.  I had written them down both with “th” on my notepad. 

Also, I use ”  ‘  ” generally for ein, but then I noticed I also use it for hamzah in the middle and end, so of course look up the words first before you use them, just to verify.

If I have made any other mistakes, please let me know. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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